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Post  Masonimo on Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:50 pm

Midas Clan,

It is clear that Prince Midas has not lost his touch and has found another balanced team to fight with. Lucky perhaps. Your return with the new clan mixed with the outlandish actions of your associates has attracted the attention of almost every major tribe in Sanjak. Below are gifts from them to each of you along with some items from smaller clans or interest groups. It seems your ability to make a name for yourself has not been lost.

However, let us make a few things very very clear. If this last fight had not been so popular and profitable for us your next fight would for sure be your last ever. Fighting well is encouraged and rewarded especially with a touch of humor and brutality. However, the stunt of collapsing the shield was a never before seen maneuver. While it has attracted to much attention and profit to enforce capital punishment, there is no amount of popularity or profit that will save you should this action be repeated. Also if you think you can go above the regulations and steal weapons again you will find yourself greatly disappointed.

As a result of your actions the regular spoils were unable to be collected and thus you have been denied your regular battle commission for this fight. May you take this as a lesson and a warning for future actions.

Arena Coordinators

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