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Post  Masonimo on Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:30 am

The party bargained for some advanced favors in order to help tip the balance on the coming fight. They gathered information, tower shields, and an ally pit master named Herb. While Herb was not the brightest they were able to get extra "shelters" onto the battle field. Herb also woke them up and provided them with 5 minutes advanced access to the arena. It was at this point that the crowd was still gathering in the stands.
Four of our heroes the archer, fighter, barbarian, and sorcerer all climbed into holes that surrounded the center field. These huts were not intended to be there and provided extra cover on hiding. Then Aki the cleric set up a web dwelling and hid inside.
Executions are usually entertaining but rarely provide a really good fight. This was not the case. As the Vampire Spawn appeared he was shocked to find that his place of judgement had been tampered with. Despite his surprise he did not seem worried and simply called forth a dozen orcs from a mirror. He then commanded his summoned minions to surround and take down the web fortress. With laughter and surprise the crowd watched as the cleric single handed destroyed every last orc and when confronted with the vampire he destroyed him in three hits. This spawn that was meant to execute the Midas clan was destroyed before he could even figure out where the whole party was. Shock overtook the crowd as they watched. Anticipating the whole party to jump out and help when the attack ensued but nothing happened. With fire and flashes of light Aki was left standing with blood on his Axe his holy symbol in his hand, surrounded by the corpses of his foes.
Cheers erupted of both shock and awe but this was short lived. As the heavy iron gates slammed open and the Thorns of Justice emerged chaos ensued. The entire arena was filled with thick dust separating the clan from their allies. As only two of the 5 Manticores continue to generate winds the other three shoot down and begin to stalk their prey. The archer Rayne runs out assuming the cave to be a safer place with a better angle. His error almost costs him his life. The Manticore converge on his location one of them pouncing on him and ripping him to shreds. His scream of panic are heard through the arena attracting the attention of this allies but also drawing them from their holes into dangerous ground. A painful battle insues and both sides take heavy damage but only one side sustains casualties. In the end 2 Manticores are dead and all of Midas is still up. The Manticores retreat for a more strategic approach but their attempts to shred their enemies with thorns they are proven futile. The leader then tries to take the sorcerer off guard but is unable to break through the hut fast enough. Within seconds Prince Midas and Krahven had surrounded the leader and were pounding him severely. He fought for a while but eventually saw no victory. He pulled out in a full retreat to the skies. His remaining allies pounced on the rangers to forbid their attacks. However, Lance with undeviating focus still got a shot off of scorching power on the Leader bringing him to the ground. Silence filled the arena, the remaining cores paused in their onslaught, and it seemed for a moment that the fight was over.
Then the unthinkable happened. The gnome began talking to the cores! He reasoned with them inviting them to join his side! The crowd thirsted for blood but was taken back by the sudden betrayal of the Manticores. It was apparent that the Midas Clan had proved itself more powerful to the Cores than Volta! The Cores were about to agree when the barbarian without cause charged one in fury. The archer shot at his team mate. The crowd stood silent in disbelief! With a flick of his hand the gnome had the barbarian on the ground and under control and the rest of the group had recalmed the manticores. The crowd waited on pins and needles in anticipation.
Prince Midas then turned and in a loud voice called out to the enemies of Volta. Claiming "We are your champions!" Immediately fights erupted in the stands. Some fighting for Volta's defense and others fighting to protect Midas. The Clan had unknowingly started a shift in power and upset of the social system. Then as if this was not enough they slapped Volta in the face one last time. They brought back to life the Lead Manticore. After asking his name they returned him to his followers and created a bond. The Midas Clan not only was not vengeful against their executioners but saved them in the last moment and turned them from their masters! All this after declaring open war on Volta. Never has a clan survived an execution and not a single party member went down. Never has a new clan called for the blood of one of the 5 Powerful Tribes. Never has compassion been seen in the arena for those who only seconds early threatened to kill. Never has a change in allies been seen among the Manticores. This indeed was a fight that will change history forever, Inspire courage in those who were hopeless, and bring swift and powerful retribution. The crowd left the arena that day wondering if Midas will live to champion their call to arms. Some hoping for yes and others planning to ensure it was no.

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